The best ages are conquering the travel destinations

In Germany alone, 14 million people will retire and join the Bestager group in the next 10 years.

It is stated that one of the changes that will occur in the market with the increasing weight of the elderly population in the travel market will be the "All Inclusive" option, which has been rapidly increasing recently.
It is reported that the interest in the all-inclusive system will decrease as the weight of those aged 60 and over, called the third age, increases in the travel market.
3. Spain has the largest share in terms of age.
According to the research conducted by the Holiday and Travel Research (FUR) organization in Germany, the largest share of Germans over the age of 60 who spent their holidays abroad last year was Spain with 2.1 million (10.4 percent). Spain is followed by Austria with 1.5 million (7.3 percent) and Italy with 1.3 million (6.6 percent). The number of Germans over the age of 60 who came to Turkey in 2005 was 900 thousand (4.6 percent).