Tour operators focus more specifically on the ‘bestager’

The demographic development in Western Europe, especially in Germany, shows us that

The best ager market will grow in the future due to falling birth rates and higher life expectancy. The financial situation is currently quite promising, as pensions are still high and inherited money is likely to increase in the future due to the savings of past generations.

Today's best agers like to travel and in the future an increase in travel is expected, especially foreign trips, city trips, air travel and wellness and package holidays. The propensity to travel among those over 60 is around 70%.

The preferred types of holiday for best agers are cruises and study trips. The most popular holiday destinations are Spain, Turkey, Greece and Egypt and will probably continue to increase in the future. Many best agers also like to stay longer in the warmer regions, especially in the winter months.

Tour operators have already recognized this, but there is still room for improvement and the offers can still be expanded.

Best Agers place a high value on quality compared to other target groups and the price-performance ratio must therefore meet an accepted standard. Best Agers like good food and also try the specialties of different countries or regions, hotels must recognize this important fact.

Due to the increasing importance of the Internet, the travel industry must use this medium more effectively in the future. Best Agers already use the opportunity to find out about holiday destinations on the Internet. Some also book their trips there, but this number can be increased in the future.

Internet usage will increase in the future Best Ager market as the younger generations are used to computers and the Internet and have a lot of experience in using them.